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It appears that the link to our Facebook page has not operated since October 2017. Now that it has been brought to our attention we can try to fix it. This message is a test.  

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Aggravated Burglary

Northamptonshire Police report an aggravated burglary of a property in Addington Road, Woodford between 9.30pm and 10pm on Saturday, 24 February. Two males entered the property through an insecure door and demanded/threatened the victim for money in the house. A short...

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Inconsiderate Parking – Volunteers Wanted

Would you be prepared to volunteer to help tackle inconsiderate parking in Great Addington? The scheme would be supported by Northamptonshire Police and operated by The Parish Council. Vehicles seen to be parked inconsiderately would have a notice attached to the...

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Mains Gas Survey

The Council has been asked to assess  support for bringing mains gas to Great Addington. The proposal is that the existing main to Crow Hill would be extended through Little Addington and on to Great Addington. The budget quotation for this is £6500 + VAT per...

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Beware Bogus Tradesmen

The following cautionary tale is from Northamptonshire Police. Three Cold callers knocked on elderly residents door in Fairoaks Drive, Raunds during Monday daytime stating a roof tile needed repairing. They offered to replace it for £20; and returned with a ladder,...

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Beware Bogus Cold Callers

In the likelihood of damage caused by recent high winds, Northamptonshire County Council Trading Standards is issuing a warning for people to beware of bogus cold callers.   Trading Standards has advised that rogue traders could use the unusually stormy weather as a...

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Northants Police Messaging Service

  Our local police force has launched a new service to keep the public up to date with crime and activity in their specific locality, helping to involve and protect the community. Signing up to the messaging service is really simple and quick. The alert system is...

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Improved Access to the Greenway

The project to upgrade the bridleway to give year round access to the Nene Valley Greenway is "on hold". The cut off date for applying to East Northants District Council Community Facilities Fund for 75% of the project costs was 4th December 2017. The Parish Council...

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