The following cautionary tale is from Northamptonshire Police.

Three Cold callers knocked on elderly residents door in Fairoaks Drive, Raunds during Monday daytime stating a roof tile needed repairing. They offered to replace it for £20; and returned with a ladder, took the tile off to show the resident, then as the resident went back inside his house to get the payment the 3 men left – with the roof tile. On Tuesday morning another man has  visted the elderly resident and quoted 650 pounds to fit a new ridge tile.
Thankfully the resident was suspicious and turned down the offer. One of his neighbours has organised a “trusted trader” to replace the tile. For more information on the Trusted Trader scheme run by Trading Standards go to

IF YOU’RE NOT SURE DON’T OPEN THE DOOR. Report suspicious callers to the doorstep crime number on 0345 23 07 702

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