As Kettering Borough Council are not publishing all objections the Parish Council felt it would be useful if residents could see what was submitted. Below is the full text of the submission from the clerk.

On behalf of Great Addington Parish Council (GAPC) I am authorised to submit
the following response to KET/2015/0811 environmental statement scoping
opinion application to Kettering Borough Council in respect of a proposed
cold store unit at Kettering Energy Park, Burton Wold, Burton Latimer: –

At a meeting of GAPC held on Tuesday 11 November 2015 (with 35 members of
the public in attendance) the Council resolved unanimously to object to
KET/2015/0811.  Those in attendance complained at the lack of consultation
with the local community regarding the proposed cold store unit given its
significant size and potential impact on the surrounding area.  The Council
further resolved to comment as follows: –

1. GAPC believes the application to be contrary to North Northamptonshire
Core Spatial Strategy in terms of its size and location with particular
reference to paragraphs 3.96, 3.97 and 3.98.
Paragraph 3.96 calls for a modal switch away from road freight transport
towards rail and water based distribution.  This application does not
further that aim.

Paragraph 3.97 refers to the East Midlands Strategic Distribution Study
which defines buildings greater than 25,000 square metres floor space as
‘large scale strategic distribution’ and recommends that such developments
should be focused in locations that are attractive to the logistics
industry.  The Burton Wold proposal has a floor area of over 26,000 square
metres.  The NNCSS goes on to state that within North Northamptonshire only
Eurohub at Corby is a suitable location for strategic distribution activity
of this scale.

Paragraph 3.98 states that smaller distribution developments should be in
‘locations and of a scale where buildings are not visually prominent’ and
should be ‘sensitively designed to reduce the impact on the local
landscape’.  Paragraph 4.1.18 of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
scoping document admits that this is not achievable.

2. There would be a significant adverse effect on the residential amenity of
neighbours by virtue of increased traffic noise and overshadowing due to the
scale of the buildings.  The proposed site plan indicates that the main hall
of the store will be within 500 metres from The Round House.  It may safely
be assumed that the cold store will operate over a 24 hour/7 day cycle and
in hours of darkness the approaches and vehicle movement areas as well as
the site perimeter will be lit for security and safety.  This noise and
light pollution will impact significantly on neighbours.

3. The visual impact of the development will affect not only the immediate
surroundings but a wide area across North Northamptonshire and possibly even
further afield.  The site is on prominent land in open countryside and can
be seen from many points across the Ise and Nene valleys.  With a height of
45 metres the roof of the proposed structure will be higher than any ground
point in North Northamptonshire.  A structure of the shape and size proposed
will be alien to the nature of rural Northamptonshire.  The indicative
visualisation provided pretends that a rectangular block nearly 200 metres x
45 metres can be screened by three saplings of some 3 to 4 metres height and
the wider visual impact from other viewpoints is conveniently ignored.

4. The proposed development is over-bearing, out-of-scale and out of
character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in
the vicinity.  Its bulk will dominate the residential buildings along the
A510 which are typically built of brick and stone.  Agricultural buildings
in the vicinity are of modest proportions, sitting below the skyline.

5. The proximity (within 500 metres) of Grade II Listed The Round House will
be detrimental to the setting of a building constructed to commemorate the
Duke of Wellington.  Wellington himself commented that the surrounding
countryside reminded him of the field of Waterloo.  This proposed
development would therefore cause substantial harm to the significance of a
heritage asset and its setting which is contrary to Policy 26 of the North
Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy 2011-2031 June 2015 Focused Changes to
the Pre-Submission Plan.

6. Paragraph 1.1.5 of the EIA scoping document refers to 4 megawatts being
supplied by Kettering Energy Park.  The original aim of the energy park was
to supply 25% of Kettering Borough’s existing energy needs however this
target has not yet been achieved.  The cold store unit will therefore add to
the deficit.

The intermittent nature of wind and solar energy means the cold store will
need a back-up source of power which the Council assumes will be the
National Grid.  The energy cycles of wind power with high production in
winter months and of a cold store having high demand in summer are out of
Whilst the distribution sector can offer a broad range of jobs, many are
relatively low skilled and therefore not ‘high quality’ as described in
paragraph 1.1.5.

7. The proposed cold store would result in in a higher volume of traffic,
particularly articulated lorries.  The stretch of road between The Round
House and Junction 11 of the A14 is already a dangerous road because
according to there have been eleven accidents, three serious
and one fatal since 2005.  GAPC considers one fatality is one too many.

The roundabout does not have a large enough radius for articulated lorries
and the road undulates at various points reducing visibility when

8. Paragraphs 1.1.6 and 3.1.2 of the EOA scoping document refer to future
potential developments.  GAPC understands that future developments are not
material considerations in deciding planning matters.  It is therefore
requested that these paragraphs are disregarded

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