Dear Resident

Earlier this year the council undertook a project to review its communication strategy. Our goal was to improve dialogue between the council and residents and to increase engagement within our parish.

If you are wondering why you are getting this email, as part of this project a survey was undertaken and residents were asked if they would like to be kept up to date by email and if so to provide their email address. Your email address has been included in the Council’s mailing list but should you wish to stop receiving communication then simply click on the unsubscribe button below. Our thanks go to all those who participated in the survey, which helped us to formulate our plans.

A key part of the Council’s improved communication strategy was to create a new website where residents could be informed of current issues. The website was also to provide a forum for residents to respond to information provided by the Council and through this help the Council formulate responses to local government and other agencies when required. We are pleased to say that our new website is now up and running at:

There will continue to be improvements to make as we receive feedback from residents and as we try to increase the involvement in the community, but our hope is for the website to be an ongoing and dynamic forum, not just a static site that people visit once a year.

Please would you pass this on to as many neighbours and friends in Great Addington as you can and encourage them to register for updates. As more people in our community get involved, the more communication and engagement will improve.

We await any comments or suggestions you may have.

Great Addington Parish Council

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