Levels of homelessness are rising across the district and there have been enquiries about what you should do if you are aware of homeless people in your area. East Northants District Council would therefore like to outline what actions you can take to assist anyone who is homeless.

If you are aware of anyone sleeping rough in the area please contact the housing team . Either email us on housing@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk or telephone 01832 742078. We will need to know where the person is and when they were last seen there. We will ask our homelessness contractor, Homes Direct, to go out to make contact with the rough sleeper and to establish what help can be offered.

Homelessness is not always as visible as rough sleeping and anyone else you are aware of who may be homeless or threatened with homelessness should get in touch with Homes Direct so they can look into their circumstances and provide appropriate advice and assistance. Unless someone is homeless in an emergency, they will be offered an appointment to come into the Homes Direct offices to discuss their circumstances in confidence and make a homelessness application. Homes Direct are based at 50 High Street South, Rushden. Telephone 0345 600 5050 or email homelessness@midlandheart.org.uk .

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