The project to upgrade the bridleway to give year round access to the Nene Valley Greenway is “on hold”. The cut off date for applying to East Northants District Council Community Facilities Fund for 75% of the project costs was 4th December 2017. The Parish Council have not obtained all the neccessary landowner permissions and were therefore unableĀ  to make a viable application. We would like to thank

  • all those who attended the meeting on 3rd November 2017 for their support.
  • Peter Townsend for printing questionnaires.
  • those who distributed and collected questionnaires
  • those who responded to the survey

Fifty five households (approximateky 50% of the village) responded to the questionnaire. 48.5 were in favour of the project, 6.5 were against. Of the total households that responded there were 92 individuals who cycle, 145 who walk and 10 horse riders. Of the 6.5 households who were not in favour there were 9 individuals who cycle, 15 who walk and 5 horse riders. Of those in favour, 44 households would use the bridleway more, 45 households would support fundraising and 39 households would agree to a small increase in council tax to pay for it.

We anticipate there will be another round of funding available from ENDC in late 2018. In the meantime we intend to hold discussions with East Northants Council to look at alternative routes and potentials for cost reduction. The detailed cost estimates were considerably higher than the first budget quotations which made it more difficult to visualise sources of the 25% of the cost that would be needed from the village.

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