The Council has been asked to assess  support for bringing mains gas to Great Addington. The proposal is that the existing main to Crow Hill would be extended through Little Addington and on to Great Addington. The budget quotation for this is £6500 + VAT per household which would need to be paid in full by 40% of the village before any work began. In addition to that each household would need to consider the cost of replacing their central heating boilers and responsibly disposing of their existing oil / LPG storage tanks. The cost of fitting a gas fired boiler will depend on the size of the house, but is unlikely to be less than £2000.
There is potential for offsetting this cost with cheaper fuel prices – a clear advantage over LPG and electricity, but not so clear if your current fuel is oil. You may also see mains gas as a more convenient, cleaner solution.

If sufficient households in the village wanted gas then the Parish Council would contact qualified contractors and obtain details quotations. Please let us know if you are interested or not. Be aware, this is a preliminary survey only and you are not being asked to commit either way. email

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