Northamptonshire County Council have commissioned a book ‘Spanning the Centuries, the historic bridges of Northamptonshire’. Reading the book in conjunction with the interactive mapping on the county council website provides an in depth insight into local history and bridge building development.

This beautifully illustrated book by Julian Bowsher provides a thorough assessment of the 104 bridges in Northamptonshire that are listed or scheduled by Historic England because of their architectural, historical or cultural significance. The book refers to Roman and Medieval, Post Medieval, ornamental, canal and railway bridges. It is full of interesting local stories where you will encounter famous events, such as battles: you will meet a variety of interesting people including kings and queens, lords and ladies, poets and famous architects as well as witches, robbers and vandals.​

The book costs £20.00 per copy. This link will take you to the relevant page of the NCC website


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