BT announced over two years ago that they would no longer maintain the telephone kiosk in Main Street due to the very low usage. The Parish Council felt that the iconic “red telephone box” should be retained as a feature of the village. The telephone equipment has now been removed and ownership of the kiosk has been transferred to the Council. We have in the past asked for suggestions for future use of the kiosk. Amongst the ideas put forward are …

  • Lending Library / Second Hand Bookshop
  • Defibrillator Site
  • Village Noticeboard / Information Centre
  • A Mobile Phone, Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Council will soon need to make arrangements to repair and repaint the kiosk and since the final use may influence this work we are making a final appeal for suggested uses. If you have a suggestion, or would like to comment on one of those already made please email the Clerk at or use the comments box below.

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