Few of us will have failed to notice small groups of Hi-vis wearing, Great Addington, residents clustered around a traffic speed gun during September and October. The Parish Council would like to thank all these volunteer members of our Community Speedwatch Team, organised by Ron Johnson, who have given their time to making GA a safer place to live. 

Community Speed Watch is a volunteer programme, run between the  Police, and Northamptonshire County Council. The program aims to increase the awareness of the dangers of speeding through education. Groups of villages share the speed gun on a rota during a six week period.

Operating mainly between 8 and 9 am and again between 5 and 6 pm the team took details of 238 vehicles exceeding the speed limit by more than 5 mph. Registration numbers have been passed to Northamptonshire Police. Drivers detected for speeding receive a Police Warning letter and their records are held to identify any repeat offenders. Repeat offenders (2 or more) receive a visit from the police.

The team operated in Lower Street – 132 offenders, Cranford Road – 61 and Ringstead Road – 45, split fairly evenly between the morning and evening sessions. In one single session 25 offenders were “captured”! The highest speed recorded was 55 mph.

Ron has received offers from new volunteers who will receive training in the New Year and join the teams for further monitoring during 2019 when we hope to have the speed detection equipment for two periods.

The Community Speedwatch programme is supported by :-

  • Follow-up with offenders by the County Constabulary
  • “Before and after” covert speed monitoring to identify lasting effects. 
  • Visits to the village by the County Speed Indicator Team who issue fixed penalty notices to offenders.
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