Please note, the original message was sent by Northamptonshire Police.

Online service for Victims

Track My Crime is an online service for victims of crime which allows them to track the progress of the investigation of their crime. It doesn’t replace speaking to a police officer in person, but it gives you more choice about how and when you get information from the police if you are a victim of crime.

Track My Crime enables us to provide you with a faster and more efficient service if you have been a victim of crime. You will be able to access information about the current status of the investigation of your crime online in the same way you might expect when accessing your bank or mobile phone account online. In the past victims have had to wait for the police officer investigating their crime to contact them with updates. Often this could be at times that weren’t convenient for the victim.

Track My Crime will alert you to updates on your case and you can then access this information securely at a time that is convenient to you.

Click Track My Crime to visit the website.

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