Great Addington Parish Council
Date: 11th March 2021

You are hereby summoned to attend, and members of the public and press are invited to
attend, the Meeting of Great Addington Parish Council to be held via Zoom on Wednesday
17th March 2021 at 7.45 p.m. to transact the following business
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 971 9253 3656
Passcode: 405896
D Cummins
Mrs Dawn Cummins (Clerk/RFO to the Council)
Tel: 07599 032350
21/207 To receive and accept apologies for absence. (Reason for absence to be advised)
21/208 Approval of Minutes. To approve the Minutes of the Council Meeting held 17th
February 2021 as a correct record
21/209 Declaration of interest by any Councillor who has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest or
other interest in any of the following agenda items.
21/210 To receive information requests/comments from members of the public in
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Standing orders.
a) Presentation from Dorothy Maxwell – approx. 5 minutes
21/211 To resolve to exclude members of the public from the meeting when agenda items
containing confidential information are transacted.
21/212 Minor Items:
a) To receive and note the Action Log from previous meetings
b) To receive reports from District and County representatives
(i) Cllr D Hughes (ENC) Woodford Ward
(ii) Cllr S Hughes (NCC Irthlingborough Division)
c) To receive and note applications and decisions notified by ENC Planning
d) To receive and note correspondence/reports/publications from other
organisations (circulated previously)
21/213 Finance
a) To review the budget
b) To review All Saints Church mowing contract
c) To receive and approve the monthly financial statements and bank
d) To approve payments in accordance with relevant legislation
(i) Payment to the Public Works Loan Board for the bi-annual loan repayment.
PAY000170 – £475.82 (National Loans Act 1968, s 3).
(ii) Payment of the Clerk’s salary (January – March 2021)
PAY 000171 – £430.89 (Local Government Act 1972, s112)
(iii) Payment to HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE (January – March 2021)
PAY 000172 – £282.00 (Local Government Act 1972, s112)
(iv) Payment to the Society of Local Council Clerks for the Clerk’s SLCC annual
membership subscription (April 2021 to March 2022)
PAY 000173 £80.00 (Local Government Act 1972, s143)
(v) Payment to Northamptonshire ACRE for the annual supporter subscription
PAY 000174 £38.00 (Local Government Act 1972, s143)
(vi) Payment to Unity Trust Bank plc for service charges (January – March
PAY 000175 – £18.00 (Local Government Act 1972, s 111)
(vii) Payment to The Marketing Team for Website support
PAY 000176 £144 (Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 s38)
(viii) Payment to Saints Alive subscription
PAY 000177 – £100 (Local Government Act 1972 s142)
To note the latest details of this Council’s Action Plan; receive and note reports prepared by
Champions of projects;
(i) Traffic calming measures. Cllr Fischelis
Update on activity since the last meeting
(ii) Neighbourhood plan. Cllr Scott/Cllr Hoier regarding future event planning
(iii) Footpath Improvement. Cllr D Barclay/Cllr S Barclay
Update on any activity since the last meeting.
Cllr Scott update on remedial work to gate
(iv) Village enhancement.
Phone Box – Cllr Fischelis
Progress on Scheme of Works – Cllr Scott
Arthurs Seat – Cllr Fischelis
21/215 Community
a) To receive and note issues of concern raised by residents:
(i) Road Safety outside the School – Siting of banner outside the school – Cllr
b) New families welcome pack for village – Cllr Johnson
c) To approve the Council’s copy for the April 2021 issue of Saints Alive! and the local
(i) To review management of delivering the copy to the deadline for Saints Alive
which is the third Thursday of every month
Reminder about speed limit
Reminder about dog fouling
21/216 To receive meeting/training reports from Councillors (where not otherwise specified
on the agenda)
a) Forthcoming training March/April 2021
22nd March – Election Candidates Briefing
25th March – Parish Mapping – Beginners workshop
26th April – Leadership in the Community
28th April – Community Infrastructure levy
21/217 To confirm any additional business to be included on the agenda of the next meeting
21/218 To confirm the list of action items from this meeting
21/219 To confirm the date and time of the next meeting of the Council which is scheduled
for Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 7.45 p.m.

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